Czech Membrane Platform
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The Czech membrane platform offers to its members:

  • Participation in launched projects: project „The Czech Membrane Platform“ (OPPI), project „ARoMem“ (OPVK) and etc.

  • Information service: outline of the news; mapping the questions relevant to the membrane processes in the Czech Republic and abroad, including the events calendar update

  • Registration fee advantages at the conferences, special events and symposiums

  • Free participation in seminars, workshops and other events organised by CZEMP

News are distributed via newsletter and website

  • Access to database of subjects including detailed information about a subject: equipment, professional team, relevant technologies, cooperating workplace etc. Access to database is free for members of CZEMP with a possibility of individual updating.

  • Registration of members, signing up at a website and access to locked sections of is only for members (up-to-date calls and subsidies, newsletter, education possibilities etc.)

  • Educating member organization representatives in fields: managing human resources in science and research, project management and economic project management, managing science and research projects, grant system of the Czech Republic and EU, proprietorial rights and protection of intellectual property, technology transfer and innovative process.

  • Supporting education in the field, promotion and popularization of membrane processes.

  • Internship offers and mediation for research and academic workers; professional internships for students.

  • Presentation of member activities (technologies, products, publications, patents etc.) on website and at events organised by the platform.

  • Discount for publications published by CZEMP

  • Advertising of vacancies in the field

  • Preserving member subjects’ interest and their support

Contact us for further information about a membership in the Czech Membrane Platform


Individual services for member and non-member subjects - charged

  • Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences to individual demands (organization of the event, invitation and choice of participants from an own contact database, realization of the event, ensuring all relevant services, communication with participants, ensuring note taking and photo-documentation etc.)

  • Filing a non-member organization to the subject database including detailed information about a subject: equipment, professional team, relevant technologies, cooperating workplace etc.

  • Marketing services and technical marketing

  • Advertising and promotion on the website, in printed material and publications

  • Individual sponsorship

Have you not found personally demanded services? We would be more than happy to arrange rendering individual services required by you.

Contact us and we will send you an up-to-date list of offered services including the pricelist.

Information about membership conditions can be found in the section above