Czech Membrane Platform
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Platform Membership

CZEMP is an open organization and supposes the admission of other subjects. As a member can be admitted an individual interested in membrane problems as well as a corporate body from the area of polymer research, application or education, inorganic materials, construction and production of specialized engine plants, manufactural and environmental technologies etc. The admisson follows the CZEMP regulations; the membership has three levels differing in extent of associated privileges and duties:

  • A corporate member - is a full possessor of privileges and duties associated with the Platform membership. The corporate member can participate in general meeting; at the same time, the executive board, advisory board and director can be elected only from representatives of the corporate members.
  • An affiliated member – is in capacity to participate on the basis of invitation in selected Platform actions, where he has an advisory voice. He is informed about the proceeding results of Platform authorities.
  • An observer – is vested with the information about the Platform activities, is entitled to derive benefit from the Platform public service and can contribute to the Platform development.

The membership of the Platform obligates to pay a fee.

Type of member Entering Contribution (CZK) Annual Contribution (CZK)
Corporate Body Natural Body Corporate Body Natural Body
Full 30.000,- 0,- 10.000,- 500,-
Affiliate 15.000,- 0,- 5.000,- 200,-
Observer 1.000,- 0,- 0,- 0,-

For the members, the membership of the Platform provides:

  • Information about activities of other subjects in the CR, EU and abroad
  • Information about conferences, workshops and another professional events held inland and abroad
  • Possibility to participate in joint projects in the area of membrane technologies

Those interested in the membership of the CZEMP are invited to fill in the registration form. - under construction