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One of pivotal prerequisites for the fulfilment of targets of the Czech membrane platform activity is a good knowledge in home background concerning problems of membrane processes.

Within the frame of its membership the platform covers almost the whole area of research and development of membranes and membrane technologies. Material research of partners is devoted to both the inorganic and polymer systems as well as to their connected hybrid forms. The self membrane operations based on several physical and engineering principles are developed particularly at the university level and at institutions of AS CR.

The other address areas are subjects concerned with the development and innovation of membrane technologies, their transfer, distribution and then in eventuality those subjects in the Czech economy, where membrane technologies are presently used, or potential users of these technologies.

Database of CZEMP subjects aims to survey the current state of membrane problem solving in the Czech Republic. It is divided in the following areas:

  • science and research
  • development and innovation
  • transfer
  • production and distribution
  • sphere of application

For individual subjects, data contain:

  • basic contact info
  • themes to be solved, or relevant technologies
  • research or expert teams
  • instrumentation and technological equipment
  • membership in the Czech and international professional organizations
  • list of cooperative domestic and foreign working-sites
  • survey of publications, patents
  • survey of projects to be solved
  • prospective application potentialities of membrane technologies

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