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Czech membrane platform has a new associated member from Taiwan

6. December 2017 - 12:22 -- czemp
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The Czech membrane platform (CZEMP) organized the General Meeting of its members in November, 28, 2017. The meeting was held in Membrane Innovation Centre in Straz pod Ralskem. The program of the meeting included the discussion regarding the acceptance of the new potential associated members. 

The first applicant is the Institute of Municipal Water Management from Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic). The second one is the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University in Taipei (Taiwan).

The both institutions were received among the platform's members. CZEMP´s board as well as the general meeting of CZEMP believe that the cooperation with both associated members help for further development of the promotion of membrane technologies into practical applications.

New associated members are greatly welcome to participate at the international conference MELPRO 2018 organized by CZEMP. The conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic in May, 13 -16, 2018. For more information please see