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EPF European Polymer Congress

29. červen 2022 - 01. červenec 2022
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As with previous EPF congresses, we shall welcome renowned leaders in polymer research who will deliver plenary lectures and who will present current and future trends in polymer science and technology. Distinguished experts in highly topical sub-areas of polymer science will then deliver key-note messages. In addition to the well-known personalities from European countries, we shall also welcome scientists from other continents. Europe is undoubtedly the cradle of polymer science, but the adult years of polymer science and technology have been developed to a large extent also on other continents. We would like the Congress to be highly interdisciplinary, which will allow meetings and discussions of experts from different fields of basic and industrial research. Moreover, we want the Congress to encourage intergenerational contacts. We would like to welcome to Prague all young colleagues who have started their professional careers in polymers just recently. That is why we have set a lower conference fee for both postgraduate and pre-graduate students.